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Google Reportedly Ditching Samsung In Favor Of TSMC

google might drop Samsung Exynos chips very soon

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The search engine giant Google and Samsung is having a serious friendship and the same is reflected in the portfolio as well. Google is offering its smartphones and tablet with the power of the Tensor chipset which is based on Samsung’s Exynos chips manufactured on the 5nm node process.

Unfortunately, the chipset is not that powerful and it also creates heating issue as well. The Google devices are offering amazing camera and software experience but the chipset problem is dragging the devices behind. Now it seems that Google has finally realized the seriousness and the company might drop Samsung very soon in favor of TSMC to launch its fully customized Tensor G5 chip and this particular processor is said to be official in 2025.

The source is suggesting that a former Google executive told The Information and it is also said that the initial plan was to launch a truly custom Tensor chip as early as next year. But the company came across some challenges in retaining employees and coordinating development across multiple teams and that made the delay.

There is no official confirmation about the matter at the moment of time but we are looking forward to learning more about the same in the coming months.

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Written by Akhil Joseph

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