Threads App Getting Rate Limit And Multiple New Features

Meta recently expanded its portfolio of social media apps by launching the new Threads app


Meta recently expanded its portfolio of social media apps by launching the new Threads app and the same is a direct competitor of the world’s most favourite microblogging platform Twitter. The application is coming with a clean and simple user interface and it enables users to share text along with images, videos, and GIFs. Now the developers of the application are implementing many new changes and the list includes a feature that is available on Twitter as well.

Threads app bringing rate limit

Spams are a very irritating thing on the social media platform and the same are available on the new Threads application as well. To tackle it, the developers of Threads application is bringing rate limits on the board. This particular setup was tested on Twitter and the same is now available for Twitter Blue subscribers. Having said that, there is no official confirmation about the duration of Threads rate limits yet.

New features of Threads app

The developers of the Threads application rolling out a major update for the iOS platform and there is no information about the availability of the new features on the Android platform. The latest update is bringing Follows tab on the board and the dis particular setup will be integrated into the activity feed as well.

You will be getting translations for post text and this particular setup will help you to connect with others who speak different languages. The latest update of the application is also bringing the capability to subscribe to unfollowed users and this feature will help you to get the updates without affecting your feed.

You will also notice multiple changes including reposter labels can be tapped, resulting in a leaner and smoother user experience. Some of the new features will not be available immediately as the same will be activated from the server side.

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Written by Akhil Joseph

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