RIP Twitter

Twitter Rebranded to X.


Twitter is the world’s most favorite microblogging platform and the same recently received a new competitor dubbed the Threads application by Meta. Twitter received many changes since the new boss Elon Musk took charge in the office. He started to make a new tradition on the internet by asking money for the blue tick verification and mini other new implementations on the board. Now the company has made a massive change by retiring the iconic blue bird and changed the name of the platform. Twitter is now X and the platform will be getting the new logo and name very soon.

It is officially confirmed that Twitter will be getting a new logo and the same will be the English letter X and the platform will be dubbed X. Elon Musk has added the new link in his Bio on his official Twitter handle and the link is redirecting to

The upcoming X is said to offer audio and video sharing set up and the same will also come with artificial intelligence powered features as well. It will also be a place for money transactions and the upcoming setup will be similar to the WeChat application.

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Written by Akhil Joseph

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